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I am The Only Way + Jesus Christ: Salvation through Jesus Christ.

I am The Only Way + Jesus Christ: Salvation through Jesus Christ.


On a Bible teaching cruise in the Carribean, I was listening to the customary first day safety briefing. The precautions were vital in case the ship should have to evacuated .

The instructions from the ship's personnel concluded with a simple but significant explanation . A specific combination of air-horn blasts, indicating a drill, would be distinctly different from those indicating a real emergency. This distinction was critical. A drill did not constitute a need to evacuate. If Passengers were to panic during the drill, it could result in chaos.

When we don't understand the circumstances that surround us, it is easy to be shaken by life's alarms. Peter's generation experienced the same thing. His warning was simple: "Do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is try you. (1 Peter 4:12)

The trials and heartaches of life may sound like a call to evacuate_ to run away or to respond to life in ways that are disheartening and destructive. But we would do well to listen more closely to our Lords. The trial may be nothing more that reminder that our trust is to be in God, not in people. We can trust Him in those times when the alarms starts to sound. By Bill Crowder(RBC)

We can trust our loving Saviour
To protect from life's alarms
He's prepared a place of refuge
Safe within His mighty arms-Hess

Life's challenges are not designed to break us but to bend us toward God

Timely Birth of Jesus Christ !

When the fullness of the time came, God Sent forth His Son. born of a woman (Galatians 4:4)

When Jesus was born, Israel was a subject nation. The greatness of the kingdom was but a memory and the people of God paid tribute to Caesar. These were the days of Augustus and the Rome ruled the world.Yet in spite of apprehensions He was born in the fullness of time. Everything was prepared. The Gospel of Christ was for all men; it could not be confined to one tiny nation. So God permitted Rome absorb the world, and Jesus was crucified in the Roman Empire upon a Roman Cross.

Rome's communications were good. Her roads and her ships went everywhere. Jews could come to Jerusalem at Pentecost, hear the Gospel, and carry it back home without crossing hostile national boundaries. Because Rome ruled , the apostles might travel freely from city to city within the Empire, speaking to men of the Saviour. The Book
of the Acts demonstrates the neutrality and the fairness of the secular authorities. Rome is likened in Scripture as a wild beast, God who shuts lions' mouths had tamed her for His instrument. He shuts and no man opens; He opens and no man can shut.


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Salvation through Jesus Christ.

The Romans Road.

Romans 3:23 Man's need. "For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God."

Romans 6:23 Sin's Penalty. " The Wages of Sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal Life in Jesus Christ our Lord "

Romans 5:8 God's Provision." but God demonstrates His own love towards us, in that while we were still sinners Christ Died for us "

Romans 10:9-10 Man's response. " If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. "



Love bears all.


Jesus the son of God

I was once holding meetings in a college in South China. There found an old school fellow of mine was now Professor of Psychology, so before the meetings began I went to call on him, and spoke to him of Christ. After listening a while politely, he said smiling , It's no good preaching to me. I don't believe there is a God!

Next day to my amazement, at the end of my first meeting, who should stand up and testifying ? I asked."After you had gone," he said " I picked up the Bible you left me and my eye caught the words in John chapter 1, "The day after" the next day, the day after. This writer, I thought What if all there is a God whose very existence I doubted , so I knelt down as prayed . I don't know what I expected . but as prayed I knew there is a God. How I knew cannot explain, I just knew it. Then the words of that eyewitness, John came back to me. Since there is a God, I thought, then Jesus could only be His son-and I was saved!

Dial 9 for WORSHIP Read Psalm 9:1-14


Behold the Lamb

In the days of the Temple , Jerusalem bustled as hundred of thousands of worshipers poured into the city to purchase Passover lambs. God's instructions were specific- animals had to be without blemish (Deuteronomy 17:1). So a few days prior to Passover, lambs were herded into the city for Levities to examine for defects or disease. The priests separated the spotless lambs from the unsuitable ones so that the Lord's commandments could be honoured.

At the Temple Mount, each family head discussed with a priest how many would share his Passover table. The Levite priest then surveyed the flock to find one young sheep suitable for each man's need. When he had found the right one , he would point and proclaim, "Behold the Lamb" ! (John1:29)

This remarkable portrait of salvation, as Israel passed over from bondage to redemption, finds its full meaning in the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ the Lord (Messiah).


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